SOGO Smart Battery Charger – 12v – 20AMP JPN-1220A


  • Outside Material: Aluminium
  • Brand: SOGO
  • Input Voltage AC: 180v to 250V
  • Output Voltage: DC 12V
  • Amps: 20A
  • Automatically power off when your battery is fully charged

Overheated Protect: When the temperature of the charger shell is over 85C, the charging current is auto-reduced to half of the original current, when the temperature is over 105C, the charger protective turns off, this moment no current input. Auto recover charge when the temperature falls to about 80C

Short-circuited Protect: When the charger input happens to be short-circuited, the charger input auto turns off. The charge will charge again after restart.

Low-pressure protection: When the battery simply lattices lower than 1.4V, the charger protection turns off or is unable to start to avoid the damaged equipment when the battery doesn’t match the charger’s nominal voltage.

Charge instructions:

Charge early stage: The red light turn on indicates that charging for the battery by the rated current.

Charge later stage: The green light turned on indicates that the charger is in float mode for charging. This moment added the final 95%-100% electricity. Leaving the battery connected to the charger for two or three hours will make the battery storage for the best function.

Weight 0.912 kg


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