Geepas Electric Bug Killer GBK-1134N


  • Automatic Pest Killer 
  • Advance Technology 
  • Non-Poison, Non- Smell
  • Non-Pollution Healthful
  • 2x 15Watt Tube 
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  • Power (Watt): 30
  • Tube (Watt): 15
  • Built-in Fan: no
  • Corrosion/Scratch/Oil Proof: no
  • UV: Yes
  • Do not touch the electrical web with your hand or electricity-conducting material
  • The pest killer must be placed at least one meter away from the flammable substance such as gasoline and petroleum Clean the base if there are too many dead mosquitoes
  • flies and pests
  • Remember to disconnect the electrical source before you change the electric bulb
  • Please switch off the pest killer when you go out Moisture can damage and short-circuit this electronic appliance
Weight 2.3 kg


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